Sunday, January 28, 2007

New cards

I have spent the last few days playing, well making cards to fill my box if the truth were known. I sold quite a few birthday cards in the run up to Christmas and thought it was about time I did something about it.
Three of the ones I made today are suitable for a ne challenge set by Carolyn on CBC. We had to use a stamped image, some ribbon and one other type of embellishment. These are my 3 which I thought fitted the bill.

I tend not to use many stamped images as I'm never quite sure what I should do with them. You look around the web and see all the fab cards made with inked backgrounds etc and they make mine look boring. I have decided though that we all have to start somewhere so now I feel a bit better about showing them.

Another thing I would like to learn is how to add other people and counters and other posh bits to my blog. I suppose things like that will come when some either shows me (several times) or writes an idiots guide.

Before I go and iron school uniforms, I would just like to say a special thank you to Kathy for leaving the lovely comment on my blog. :)

Till next time..............................

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Our newest arrival

I know I have just wafflled for the last 20 minutes but I felt this one needed a thread of its own.

Meet Smudge !

She is our new bundle of joy who came to live with us on the Wednesday before Christmas and it feels as though she has always been here. She is an absolutely gorgeous, mischievous bundle of energy.

Till next time, which hopefully won't be too long this time. :))

Happy New Year

Well better late than never!

Twice I have written my 'article' to bring my blog up to date, gone to find something else, forgotten to save it and lost the blooming lot.

I couldn't do anything last week as I was quite poorly and ended up in A & E. I won't go into details but it scared me. I was out of action for most of the week and still get very tired. It certainly wasn't the start to the new year that I was hoping for. Never mind though, I am almost back to normal (whatever normal is!)

Christmas was very quiet as it was just hubby and I during the day, but we all got some brill pressies. The kids came back at tea time as we went to my parents on Boxing day. It was my dad's 70th birthday and as the whole family was there, we had a lovely day. DH was working on New Year's Eve (he DJs at a local hotel) so I went with him. We booked a room and stayed the night too which was lovely. Mum and Dad came for dinner on New Years Day which was nice too.

The run up to Christmas was busy for me this year as I had quite a few wedding orders which made a nice change from Christmas cards. I also made my first altered canvas for my brother and sister in law. I was really pleased with it. What do you think?

Another first for me was an exploding box, which I did as part of mum and dad's Christmas pressies. Again I was really pleased with it and all the family were impressed!

A special friend was 40 on the 7th January and you can't make a card without the numbers on can you? Rather than plaster it with large numbers, which was my first intention, I decided to go for the subtle approach. Thankfully she liked it. LOL

And finally, my bit of good news to finish off last year was that I was voted a runner up in 2 categories in Quick Cards Made Easy card maker of the year for 2006. I was so pleased. I will have to aim higher this year LOL.

I am taking part in my first ever Circle Journal organised by Mel on the CBC forum and am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm not sure that my pages are as good as the others. The standard of work is soooo high, but it is fun and I am taking part which I would never have done 12 months ago.

Well I must ge back to work now as I have 2 wedding orders to do and a Golden Wedding Anniversary party/Renewal of Vows to organise which I am really enjoying.

So there you are, another load of waffle to bore you rigid.