I thought I would add this page so my readers can keep up with the wool and buttons I've had donated by friends, forum members, companies and Freecycle users. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to my 'new and life long passion' are all so very generous.


September 10 
All of the clothing this month is from a friend of my cousin and it is all in beautiful, on behalf of the Kids Co, thank you, who ever you may be


July 10 
There is a really good cross section of clothing here, all in really good condition (not that I would send it if it wasn't!) so thank you Mandy and the other lady who donated the clothing through my auntie.

June 10

March '10

a cash donation towards postage from Kath Smith
a huge piece of black fleece from my friend Caren
buttons from Nicki (The Boss) :))

Stacey (Freecycle)

Freecycle (Donna)
Freecycle (Mr & Mrs Wallace)

Liz (CbC)