Wrap up a kiddie 2013

I think these were the last items to be sent for 2013 and I will be starting a 2014 page later as the photos are mounting up on my desk top!

 We have sent several parcels to the Kids Company again this year but I haven't had the time to update my page. I have a parcel ready to go too so I might be able to book a courier for tomorrow. The following items are just as they come off the laptop and I'm not sure of the dates they were posted but they did go!


I'm sorry about the state of the photos but blogger won't let me sort them properly. Anyway, you can see what we sent down for them.

I have quite a bit more to add but the photos need editing and I need to get back to my tax return! Back later :) xx

  There is no peace for the wicked and so my mum and I (and the occasional friend) carry on knitting our wares for the Kids Company :) If anyone has any wool that you don't use we would be really grateful for it and promise that it will be put to good us. (I must add....and it's totally irrelevant.....but I'm sat in a first class compartment on a train writing this post :)) 

These are the hand knitted and the occasional bought items we've sent so far this year......
two cardis knitted by mum
a couple of quick hats by me with a parcel ready to go.

Hand knitted by Lee's mum, I think her name is Gina but I'm not sure. I shall find out and correct this post but thank you anyway,

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