Monday, November 16, 2015

Remember me?

Gosh it has been so long since I was last here, so what have I been up to? Well I'm still making lots of stationery and samples, on the day goodies for a local hotel ( place cards, post box etc), I'm still a member of the Kanban Design Team for Aspire Crafts and am still thoroughly enjoying it, making commissioned cards and jewellery and looking after my gorgeous grandson when my daughter is at work. And I've been on holiday too!! Oh and occasionally I do housework lol 

I will update as often as I can, I think I have hundreds of cards I could show from this year alone but I won't....not all today anyway ;) We have had some fabulous kits from Kanban and there have been quite a few this year. I really enjoying making samples which are shown on Create and when the kits are demoed, certain shows are broadcast simultaneously to Create and in America too.

Here are a few pictures from the Pretty In Lace kit

I'm really surprised to say that this kit is still available from Create and Craft on Flexipay!   

It's mine and hubby's wedding anniversary next Friday and I have decided to give away a tiara cos I'm feeling generous so if you or anyone you know is getting married this is what you could win :)
 It measures 5cm at the highest point at the front.
It is brand new and unused, I've just decided to give one away as I've decided to discontinue my tiaras as I'm too busy with stationery now. If you decide to enter on Facebook at Party Nights Creations please like and share my page. 
 Thanks for dropping by, back soon xx

Monday, August 31, 2015

Time flies!

As we have all said, in blog land, time flies but I really don't know where the last few months have gone. My business is still on the increase, I'm still loving being a member of the Kanban Design Team and they are still keeping us very busy making samples for the shows on Create and Craft. A couple of cards from recent kits.

This little (or not so little) fella is keeping us all busy!

He is just so adorable and I love spending time in his company. In fact there have been very few days since he was born thirteen months ago, where I haven't seen him, I'm very lucky. This last photo was taken a couple of hours ago from my sun bed (sorry to all who are experiencing a damp bank holiday Monday but we are enjoying a well earned break. Back to reality in a couple of days though ;)

See you soon x

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hugs & Kisses

Did you manage to catch Denise and Keith on the Create & Craft Kanban Weekender with the fabulous Hugs and Kisses kit? The offer finished at midnight so I hope you didn't miss out.

I have a couple more samples I made from the kit to show you. I think I made 11 samples in all and I have absolutely loads of it left. I think Keith said on the show that there were 113 pieces in the kit :)

I hope you like them.

Back soon. Take care and enjoy the rest of the day. xx

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Living in a box!

Sorry about my prolonged absence but I have just been so busy and am still working between two laptops! DH bought me a new one for Christmas as my old one kept telling me I had a hard drive problem but after a couple of weeks the wifi stopped working so the only way I could get onto the internet was to use a cable. This hasn't proved to be very good as every time I moved my laptop the cable fell out. In the end I had to reinstall all my work etc back onto my old laptop so I could carry on working. After many searches of the internet and much talking with HP it has resulted in him doing a complete back up of my new laptop and reinstalling of Windows. He is now in the process of installing everything back on to the new one (and the old one still keeps shutting down on me and still has the hard drive problem!) so hopefully this week I should be back to normal. I have been missing FB messages and emails so if you have been trying to contact me then I apologise. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you asap. As well as the dicky laptop I have a dicky printer too so am having to use DH's printer at the mo to print out my work. Oh and to top it all, my mobile keeps freezing too, I have to take the battery out and leave it for a while then put it back in and reboot it. I don't know what I've done but technology and I just aren't getting along at the moment and I thought it was all supposed to make for an easier life lol

So I must have made hundreds of cards and wedding bits since I was last here! We have had a few new Kanban kits too so lots of samples have been made, which is why I'm here today. The new kit is called Hugs and Kisses and is exclusive to Create and Craft as the weekender. You get 100 pieces in total and there is a £10 saving on the normal price plus free p&p which is another saving of £2.99! The design team got the kit to play with a couple of weeks ago and have come up with loads of different samples between us. I will start my samples off by showing you two ways in which I used the die cut pop up boxes. I used one in the usual way then made a gift box with another. The nice thing about these boxes is that they are all double sided and some are foiled too, it's a lovely kit.

The remaining shows are at 2 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm today, I hope you can drop by and take a look.

Thanks for dropping by and I WILL be back tomorrow :) (I'm going to schedule my post now as my grandson is coming to stay tonight.)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Peacocks and Feathers

I have just been and updated the Kanban blog with my domed card and box featured below and I've copied the details onto here

This is another brilliant kit from Kanban which allows you to make absolutely loads of cards very quickly and you can embellish them as much or as little as you like.

"Hi all, The design team all loved the kit when we got our sticky little mitts on it ;)

I thought I would show you my favourite sample card and box which I made using the kit. Now I must admit that I don't make many card boxes because my measuring is pants and I usually end up making the lid too big for the box but not this must have known that it was for a special card :)

For the card and the box I used A3 sheets of white pearlescent card, a 7" x 7" greeting card, assorted elements from the Peacocks & Feathers A4 pad, item #50489. I used a couple of assorted dies and a few Pastel Bling and a sheet of tissue paper to line the box. I'm going to make another one so if anyone wants me to do a quick tutorial then please let me know.

If you love Kanban produts as much as we do then please apply to join the OFFICIAL group on Facebook, FOR THE LOVE OF KANBAN and keep up to date with new kits and show times etc You can also join us on Pinterest and maybe find a little bit of ispiration, I hope so!

Thanks for dropping by and I will see you on the third Thursday in March!"
Take care, 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Peacocks and Feathers

I can't believe that it is so long since my last blog post, so much has happened and I've been so busy I don't know where the weeks have gone! More about that later.

The Kanban design team were lucky enough to receive the latest kit for the shows on Create and Craft this weekend. We had a very tight turn around but as always the team came up trumps and managed enough between us to give Sue and Keith a good display :) It's a lovely kit with some fabulous colour combinations and very easy to work with. There are actually a couple of kits, some lovely foiled card, an A4 pad full of bows, butterflies and peacocks, ribbons and feathers, gems and much more. If you didn't catch any of the shows today (why not?!:)) there are plenty more on C & C tomorrow (unless anything sells out which is very likely) and they are at 3 am, 7 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm so plenty for you to get your teeth into.

Here are the samples I've made so far:

I hope you like them and if you have got even the tiniest bit of inspiration from my work then I've done my job properly as a DT member :) and don't forget the shows tomorrow.