Friday, December 15, 2006

Time flies

Where has this week gone? Obviously to the same place the rest of the year has disappeared to!

I finished the seating plan and posted it so will post pics or links after the weekend. The couple don't get married till Sunday so I can't publish their seating plan to the world before their wedding! I also finished the calendar for mum in law. That will be wrapped and posted today along with all the othe pressies for down south. All my Christmas cards are made, written and posted, so that is another major time consuming job done. This weekend I will tackle the canvas and my exploding box. I need to find photos for them both and then the hard work commences. I have never made either before so I am looking forward to them.

We decided to put the Christmas tree up last night so heaved everything downstairs. I got all the bits and bobs together and moved some furniture. Hubby put the tree up and then embarked on the favourite Christmas pass time of checking the bulbs in the lights as they wouldn't come on. After changing bulb and fuses for half an hour and them still not working, they went in the bin. This morning we are off into town to buy some new ones! Will we still be able to get some? After all, it is December and some places have the new swimsuits in stock!!! Watch this space.........

Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy busy bee

It's funny how one minute you have all the time in the worls and the next minute you have none! I am trying to get so much done and I really shouldn't be on here, I only came to check my emails.
I have been and posted my CJ for the CbC forum and a sample wedding invitation which was posted last night. I am about to start on a seating plan(to match the snowflake invitations on my web site) which I have to get to Dorset before the wedding on Saturday..yikes (I received the final bits of info this morning) It will be done though, I have never let anyone down yet. While I was in the post office, I was asked to make 6 Christmas money wallets and she wants them tomorrow.......oh well! I also have a calendar for MiL, an exploding box for my mum and an altered canvas for my brother and his wife on the go. I must have been a real baddun in a previous life ;))
I also spent most of this morning doing my Christmas shopping on tinternet. I really shouldn't leave it so late.
Right, back to work. I have to see the chiropractor at 6pm so that is a couple of hours out of my (rather long day!)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A good start to the weekend

I have decided to have another try at keeping a blog. You will have to bear with me while I try to find interesting things to write about!

Today's news
Just as I was downing my first cup of coffee of the day there was a slight tap on the door. I opened the door, all bleary eyed, to the postman who had a large parcel and an arm full of letters. All but one of these letters were addressed to me. There were a couple of Christmas cards which was lovely and reminded me that I must get mine posted! Then it started getting really interesting. I opened the large envelope first (as you do) and it was my non crafty Secret Santa pressie from the Crafts by Carolyn forum, the next parcel was a couple of free books (they were Mills and Boon, but hey, they were free!) The next 2 letters were from Origin Publishing to say that I was a runner up in the Medallion Stamp and Little Rascals competition, and the second was from the same people to say that I was a runner up in the Letraset competition and I will receive £25 worth of goodies for each comp!!! I then opened the next envelope and it was my Quick Cards Made Easy magazine so not only did I get the good news of the comp, I got to see my name in print at the same time. Yey. The card above is the Little Rascals one. I can't find the other one yet but will post it when I do.
I also received the last of the tags from our forum swap. It is my first time hosting a swap and I have spent the evening with tags all over the living room floor. They are now in the (hopefully) right envelopes and are ready to put into the post tomorrow.