Friday, December 15, 2006

Time flies

Where has this week gone? Obviously to the same place the rest of the year has disappeared to!

I finished the seating plan and posted it so will post pics or links after the weekend. The couple don't get married till Sunday so I can't publish their seating plan to the world before their wedding! I also finished the calendar for mum in law. That will be wrapped and posted today along with all the othe pressies for down south. All my Christmas cards are made, written and posted, so that is another major time consuming job done. This weekend I will tackle the canvas and my exploding box. I need to find photos for them both and then the hard work commences. I have never made either before so I am looking forward to them.

We decided to put the Christmas tree up last night so heaved everything downstairs. I got all the bits and bobs together and moved some furniture. Hubby put the tree up and then embarked on the favourite Christmas pass time of checking the bulbs in the lights as they wouldn't come on. After changing bulb and fuses for half an hour and them still not working, they went in the bin. This morning we are off into town to buy some new ones! Will we still be able to get some? After all, it is December and some places have the new swimsuits in stock!!! Watch this space.........

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