Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kumihimo bracelets

For some reason I woke up at 6.45 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I would get up  and sort out some photos for my blog and web site as they are both getting an update this morning. It's a while since we have done any work on the web site so as it's a long weekend we thought we would spend a bit of time on it. I uploaded the photos for this post on Wednesday so that I could sit and write a post and here it is now Sunday, and I'm sat here writing this post!! Not very good is it?

I find making these bracelets so relaxing and always take beads etc with me on holiday. I've made them on trains and planes, and it the car and people are fascinated by what I'm doing and will often stand and watch me lol. I made quite a few on holiday last year too and didn't come back with any (although I did give a couple away as prezzies :)). I have my DD1's bracelet on my desk so I can take it to pieces and remake it for her. Hers was the first Kumihimo bracelet I ever made a couple of years ago and she has never taken it off until now. I made it in pale pink and silver and it's so pretty but she's a hairdresser and it has different dies etc on it and the cord has stretched too. I'll use the same beads but new fact, I may just do it this afternoon.

I've had quite a run on these bracelets so far this year and I really love making them. I don't like making them all identical and like messing about with the way I string them and by not using the same beads all the time. Although I have made quite a few white and silver ones...they are really pretty. I will be adding the bracelets to my web site later today :) 

The first one is silver lined gold and matt gold  beads
 2.  This one is mine and is silver lined rainbow and dark grey beads
 3. Silver lined clear and matt white beads

 4. Silver lined clear and matt white beads
 5. Silver lined clear and matt white
Thanks for dropping by, till next time....Happy Easter and don't make yourself sick on chocolate ;).

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Di said...

Oh Jackie, these are beautiful! I just looked online at a couple of tutorials and my head is spinning!

Happy Easter!

/) /)

Hugs, Di xx