Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy busy bee

It's funny how one minute you have all the time in the worls and the next minute you have none! I am trying to get so much done and I really shouldn't be on here, I only came to check my emails.
I have been and posted my CJ for the CbC forum and a sample wedding invitation which was posted last night. I am about to start on a seating plan(to match the snowflake invitations on my web site) which I have to get to Dorset before the wedding on Saturday..yikes (I received the final bits of info this morning) It will be done though, I have never let anyone down yet. While I was in the post office, I was asked to make 6 Christmas money wallets and she wants them tomorrow.......oh well! I also have a calendar for MiL, an exploding box for my mum and an altered canvas for my brother and his wife on the go. I must have been a real baddun in a previous life ;))
I also spent most of this morning doing my Christmas shopping on tinternet. I really shouldn't leave it so late.
Right, back to work. I have to see the chiropractor at 6pm so that is a couple of hours out of my (rather long day!)

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maggie said...

Wow you have been busy Jackie