Saturday, December 11, 2010

So little time.........

tee hee! I don't seem to have looked up from my work at all this week, as soon as I have finished one order another one is ready to begin.

It has been absolutely treacherous getting to work this past week or so but at last we have colours back instead of everywhere being white. I can't believe how quickly it has all gone!

I have managed to get a lot done again this week and as well as filling orders we now have the business name on the window which looks super good. It's all care of Nikki at DewDrop Craftz......she has made a damn fine job of the lettering, thanks Nikki.

So onto my work. On Monday I made extra invitations, guest book and post box for one of my brides.

Purple has been quite popular this year but it has looked totally different at each wedding, it looks very regal and it's a colour I enjoy working with.

Tuesday was the Inspirational Card Sketch challenge day. I had some wedding anniversary cards ordered so I decided to use the sketch for one of those.

Assorted materials were used including the fab papers and flowers from Nitwits freebies in one of the craft mags. I have a couple of the collections bought from Nitwits but it is so difficult to choose which ones to buy as they are 
all just fab. I might make it my new year's resolution to go and buy at least one kit per month :))

Wednesday was just as creative lol and I can't remember what I did as well as the snowman poo, snowman soupl and reindeer food which were being collected by my cousin who owns a hairdressing salon in town!!

I'll leave it there and come back later as I now have to get ready for work.
Enjoy your day and if you can make it last for a few extra hours rather than the normal 24 I will be very grateful

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