Friday, September 14, 2012

Cricket birthday card

My Funky Friday post won't go live until this evening this week as my card is my daughter's birthday card. It's her birthday today but she decided this morning that as she was going to work at 7.15 she would leave her cards to open this evening! I never thought about that when I made it lol

I will, however show you hubby's card (it was his birthday on Wednesday!!)

I've got two more of these stepper cards to show this weekend including DD2's this evening. I do like them but I keep forgetting I've got them.

I made him some cupcakes to take to work to share with his collegues on Wednesday. They went down ok as he took some more on Thursday :)
Just a gentle reminder while I'm here that Kathy's Waffle Sketch File challenge is still live and we would live it if you could take part with us.
Right-o, I will be back in a while with my Funky Friday card.See you later, thanks for looking.

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