Sunday, September 09, 2012

Swedish Chef!!

Have you had a good day today? We have had glorious hot sunshine all day :) Hubby decided to cut the front and the back lawns and I had some DT samples to make so I took my stuff outside to work.

 The gloves were hubby's, he was cleaning the pond, just in case anyone thought they were mine for crafting lol
We decided to barbeque for tea and here is my little Swedish chef in his Grumpy Old Man apron. He used to wear my flowery one but it looked a bit daft on him....he's 6'3" and I'm 5'5" and I'll leave the image to your imagination :)) He's not actually Swedish either, he's from Somerset!

I have been trying to upload this post and two for tomorrow since about 5 o'clock and I just keep getting an error message from stupid Mr Blogger. Why can't he behave for more that a few weeks at a time...grrrrr!

Thanks for dropping by (assuming you get to read this post.)

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Beryl said...

Well - it published OK. It was a glorious day yesterday wasn't it.Hope you enjoyed your barbeque and had a nice glass of wine to go with it.
Beryl xx