Saturday, December 09, 2006

A good start to the weekend

I have decided to have another try at keeping a blog. You will have to bear with me while I try to find interesting things to write about!

Today's news
Just as I was downing my first cup of coffee of the day there was a slight tap on the door. I opened the door, all bleary eyed, to the postman who had a large parcel and an arm full of letters. All but one of these letters were addressed to me. There were a couple of Christmas cards which was lovely and reminded me that I must get mine posted! Then it started getting really interesting. I opened the large envelope first (as you do) and it was my non crafty Secret Santa pressie from the Crafts by Carolyn forum, the next parcel was a couple of free books (they were Mills and Boon, but hey, they were free!) The next 2 letters were from Origin Publishing to say that I was a runner up in the Medallion Stamp and Little Rascals competition, and the second was from the same people to say that I was a runner up in the Letraset competition and I will receive £25 worth of goodies for each comp!!! I then opened the next envelope and it was my Quick Cards Made Easy magazine so not only did I get the good news of the comp, I got to see my name in print at the same time. Yey. The card above is the Little Rascals one. I can't find the other one yet but will post it when I do.
I also received the last of the tags from our forum swap. It is my first time hosting a swap and I have spent the evening with tags all over the living room floor. They are now in the (hopefully) right envelopes and are ready to put into the post tomorrow.

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