Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well we're back and rested and it seems such a long time since we were over there (we got back on Tuesday evening!) The most strenuous things we did was to have a shower and go out for dinner.

This is what we had to endure every day :)

Our apartment was the one directly above the corner parasol on the far side of the pool.

Note the cloud? It was the only one we saw for the whole two weeks.............the weather was just amazing, so hot!
It was the second time we had stayed at these apartments and we have decided to return again. The people are just so friendly, the service is excellent and it is spotlessly clean. Up until now we have alternated Zakynthos with Cornwall but I am seriously thinking of knocking Cornwall on the head and going abroad every year from now on. DH is leaving the decision up to me as I'm the one who is in love with Cornwall. I desperately want to live there but we can't afford it as the price of property is really expensive now. It is also more expensive to go to Cornwall. The apartments we use are right on the beach but when you factor in petrol and everything else it all mounts up. We have usually been pretty lucky with the weather down there but at least by going to Zakynthos we are guaranteed hot sunshine!

I took some beads with me and made a couple of things sat by the pool or on the balcony. I also gave out quite a few business cards ;)

DD gave the bracelet to a girl she met over there and I'm now about to start a matching necklace for her as she is wearing it for a wedding next week.

Washing has all been done at last and I now have to tackle the i***ing :( I think we managed to get two loads dried outside and the rest went in the drier..............what lousy weather to come back to. I'm glad today is a bit warmer, I've been cold all week!

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