Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kanban Thursday


White A4 card
CRD1517 Roses & Calligraphy B/B card
PCT2348 Butterfly Meadow Topper – Lilac
PCT2302 Delightful Decoupage Topper4
PCT1613 Victoriana Lace Hearts
PCT Victoriana Embelishments


PCT1954 Butterflies & Roses Topper
CRD1506 Butterflies on Driftwood
PCT1892 VictorianC5 card blanka ribbons
PCT 1891 Victoriana Lace Butterflies
PRL 5mm pink/lilac

1 comment:

Beryl said...

Is Blogger playing silly b's with me. I'm sure it's Sunday and this post has only just
I like the second one - but I lurve the first. Gorgeous colours, image and design.
Beryl xx