Sunday, September 29, 2013

Handmade jewellery

Good morning from a rather murky Scruff's Corner this morning. I'm hoping that the sun will break through later as it did yesterday. My parents called yesterday afternoon and we sat outside and had a drink, it was lovely. Today is a gardening day.....well, I use the term gardening very loosely! I weed and plant and hubby cuts the grass but there is no method to what we do, neither of us has a clue but we muddle through and when tidy, the gardens look lovely. I'm not very sure when it comes to pruning but both our mums are keen gardeners so decent advice is only a phone call away (or there is always Google) :)

Can you believe it's October on Tuesday? This year has gone so fast. A lot of our town centre shops have some Ch******s stock in and the supermarkets are advertising the large tins of sweets at silly prices. I usually start with my cards for sale round about now (I can't seem to make any before my holiday in just doesn't work for me. I have tried putting Ch******s music on but I can't muster Mr Mojo whilst the sun is shining lol The Autumn sun is different as the light changes and the nights draw in. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that if you don't see me making any Ch******s cards over the next couple of weeks then please feel free to stick you boot up my backside!! :) I need to be let off this week because I have a wedding on Friday and a wedding fayre on Sunday.

So what do I have to show this weekend, well I've done quite a bit this week but I won't show you the pictures of the ironing etc I'll just show my jewels :)

The ankle bracelets were both commissions and I used an assortment of clear crystal drops, size 11 ab crystal seed beads and size 6 silver lined clear seed beads, all bought from G J Beads in St Ives. The chain and the lobster clasps were bought from Beads Direct in Loughborough. Both places have excellent service and I think I use them about equally. I have to say though that every time we go to Cornwall my visit isn't complete unless I visit the "bead shop in St Ives" (whether I need beads or not :)

I'm now going to schedule a post for tomorrow, thanks for dropping by and I will see you soon. x

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