Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

Good morning everyone, writing this post this morning is very distracting as I have five burley men erecting scaffolding so they can do some work for us! (and breathe ;))

So my photo today is for the lovely lady Julia who runs the Stamping Ground blog and WOYWW. She made a comment about my desk... 

"I don't get it - I publish my mess weekly and yet you say it's too embarrassing for you - now is that you have higher standards or I've no pride?!!" this week I'm going to show her what mess really is lol 

and yes, a good proportion of that lot was on my desk, probably some of it for months so now you see why I couldn't bring myself to show it :) It might, however get that way again as I really don't have the time to spend tidying up at the mo ;) 

Yes Julia, that was my daughter's IPad mini in the pink case. it can be bought from ebay. It's actually cut out and foiled rather than sparkly but it's very pretty and it reflects the light beautifully.

This is my desk just now, eek lol
Thanks for dropping by :)


Jackie said...

Love it!!! :)
I have pictures like that of how mine gets
I do tidy mine about every other month!!!
Jackie 38

ike said...

Hahaha - at least it is tidier than mine ... seriously !!!
WOT !!! I am disappointed that we didn't get a sneak peek at the burly scaffolders !!! How dare you keep them all to yourself !!! hee hee LoL

Thanks for letting me visit.

Happy WOYWW #234

IKE in Greece xx #57

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Christine said...

Love the desk ... everything to hand, seems sensible to me. Love the ipad .... but what's in the carrier bag?
Just being nosey - WOYWW isn't it?!?!

Have a good week
Bishopsmate #66

Avril Ann said...

OMG Jackie, I have to come down and help you tidy that up, LOL..I am anal, about my desk, everything goes away after every card, LOL xxxx

Jo Austin said...

Ooooh that really puts mine to shame... glad you're keeping busy. Love the case and thank you for the link. Xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's ok, you're amongst friends...your mess is acceptable, lol!! You really have had fun :-)
Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I believe that a messy desk is an indicator of a creative person. However, I'm to OCD to show mine, so I focus on the projects. LOL! Happy WOYWW and Blessings! #33

Sharon Madson said...

I heard that also, that a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind. :)
I saw a tree like I have in your first photo. I use mine to display Christmas cards. :) Thanks for the peek! :)
Sharon #3

Maxam Made said...

Oh Boy that desk gets an prize!! But who cares, we all have our comfort zones, some are just more layered than others!!I hope you have a great weekend! Ginny #19

Lisa-Jane said...

Its not mess, its art sediment! Sorry about the late visit this week! #53