Thursday, August 23, 2007

Headless chicken

Why is it at this time of year mums seem to run around and acheive very little?

I took DD to town today for her new school uniform and all I can say is thank heavens I only have her at school now. She insisted we go today because there was a new shop opening snd she 'needed' to have a look, yeah right! We managed to get a shirt instead of five, two pairs of trousers which have to go back because they are too small - 'it's ok mum, they will be fine. I always get a 12 from here and they fit me no problem.' - a pair of shoes, a cardigan and a sleeveless jacket/waistcoat thingy with a fur trimmed hood (which she bought herself). We were against the clock too as the repair man was coming to fix the dishwasher (he came on Tuesday too and thought he had fixed it but he hadn't) anytime between 1pm and 6pm (British Gas) so I had to be home for one just in case. We were just coming through the gate when my phone rang and he said that he wasn't coming because he had to order the part and wouldn't be able to come till Tuesday with Monday being a bank holiday! On the way round for the bus I was stung by a wasp on my arm. I have a mild allergy to the stings so my arm has just swollen more and more as the day went on. I've faffed about all afternoon as I've felt even more dopey than usual.

Took DD up to the retail park tonight and came back with two pairs of trousers which fit and a pair of PE shorts which she didn't need this afternoon. I've just sat and made another card for a challenge on the JB forum and this was it

August Challenge 13 - Carry on Corrugating
Gosh !!!! Haven't used corrugated card for yonks. Your challenge is to make a card using...............corrugated card. New creations only please.
Papers are from the Amy Butler mat pad by K & Co, flower is a Splat with the rest of the flower cut from corrugated card (and I had to search for it :)) Brad is by Doodlebug and the greeting is stamped with a Debbi Moore stamp.

Off to bed in a mo, night night.


Hazel said...

That's a sweet corrugated flower, Jackie - good response to the challenge

Andrea said...

great card

mum on the run said...

Great card Jackie.

We did the uniform shop at the start of this week (1 high school, 1 nursery) and my eyes are still watering at how much it all cost!!