Thursday, July 03, 2008

Award Ceremony

I am really proud to accept this award from Hazel

Thank you very much Hazel :)

The rules of this are:

1.the winner can put the logo on their website/blog

2. put in a link to the person who gave you the award.

3.send the award to at least 7 other blogs that inspire you with their layout-creations-themes

4.put a link to these sites on your blog

5. notify the people you nominate for the award.

So............who shall I nominate? I admire so many people and their work it is really difficult but I shall try my best :) I've had a think while I've been having my tea and here goes:






Sue H

Sally-Ann although I have just been to get Sally-Ann's blog link and noticed that she has this award not just once but TWICE.......... I do love her stamps though :)

So there we have my 7!


Love to Doodle! said...

Thank you so much Jackie - nice of you to think of me! Well, you'll be pleased to know I haven't designed any new ones recently - apart from the Spiral Whisper ones of course - hee!

Jo said...

Thank you Jackie, that's so sweet of you and congrats on being awarded it in the first place!! See you've taken the plunge and joined an SBS group....have fun!!

Jennifer Buck said...

Thanks so much for this Jackie! ...right back at ya! You rock girlie! :) I promise to pass this on really soon! :)