Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum...

.....slightly late but never mind! Mum's birthday was the 21st but we had the party on the 20th and she loved every minute of it. When she arrived she thought we were just having a family bbq as Matthew's mum was up from Somerset for the weekend then she saw the other 18 people in our garden :) Her face was a picture and all day she just kept saying "is all this really for me". It made all the late nights and the hard work worthwhile!

Here are mum and dad making their entrance (the big fat lump with them is me!) I handed them both a glass of bubbly and hubby had set up the cd player to play Happy Birthday.

The marquee as we were setting up (we borrowed the large white one from a friend and put our gazebo on the end)

We managed to seat 21 at tables without having to borrow any furniture! We didn't realise that we had so much :)

Here are the pressies I made for the birthday girl.
Keepsake box

Picture board

and her jewellery was the same as this but without the earrings.

And a good time was had by all :) We are all going out for lunch today as my sister was in Turkey and din't make the party. We also had to agree to this in order to keep the party a secret.

Thanks for looking.

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Jo said...

Oh Jackie, I bet your Mum had a great time and you really do work hard sweetie to make everything perfect. Well done!