Friday, April 02, 2010


We got back from New York on Tuesday evening and I have felt dreadful since. I have a lousy head cold and a hacking cough which seems to be my souvenir from The Big Apple (still I suppose it will last longer than the '10 for $10 Tshirts we saw all over lol) Seriously though we had a fab time and it was lovely not to have been in a rush this year as we were last March. DD2 managed to get her prom dress in Macy's and a pair of Ugg boots that she had had her eye on for a while so we had one rather happy teen which made for a happier holiday. DH bought me some new Crocs(!).....I now have five pairs of real ones and a pair of fakes (for gardening) and they are all different styles.

 Edited for Rosie with the back view of the shoe :)
These are my 'wedding fayre' Crocs to wear with my suit! I have three to do in April so will be on my feet all day and need to be comfortable.

Now as per usual, I'm playing catch up. I am desperately trying to get through my 404 emails and 23 phone messages and I have loads of work leading up to us going away which I didn't have time to show. But right now it's bed time and I will be back in the morning with my (very late) DT cards from early this week. I managed to get them done and in before we went away but couldn't figure how to schedule a post..dur!!
TFL xx

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