Wednesday, March 02, 2011

February round up

I will be playing catch up now to add all my for the last month on here but don't worry, I won't put it all on at the same time :) During the month of February I made

100 birthday invitations
188 wedding invitations
20 baby announcement cards
2 table cards for a birthday party
50 wedding thank you cards
1 cot
38 assorted cards for different occasions
1 memo board
1 set of album covers
1 gift bag
1 wooden spoon
1 necklace
2 bracelets and
1 pair of earrings


I have been at work at 7.30 every morning (except last Saturday) for the last couple of weeks and I seem to get so much done in the couple of hours before I open the shop. This week I have been cleaning and have just started painting as I had a new window in the shop last week. The dust has settled and the plaster is dry so I put the first coat on today and will put another coat on tomorrow and hopefully that might just do it. I also need to fill up my card stand as it is getting very low on every day cards.

I think that will do for one night :)
Thanks for looking, back soon.

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