Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Granny's brag book

As I mentioned yesterday, we flew down to Somerset over the weekend and delivered the Brag Book for mum in law's birthday today. She decided she was going to have a look ate what was in her bag on Saturday so I took the opportunity to explain to her what a Brag Book was and what to put in it etc. I made her an 'All About Me' scrapbook a couple of years ago and she was saying that she is really enjoying filling that one in.

I find it quite difficult to do an album if I don't have any photos to put in it as I find that once you decide which photo is going on which page, you're half way there! I find it really easy to pick out a couple of colours from the photo as a starting point, I then add decoration and any captions as I'm going along. I didn't really know what colours to use for this album so I let my snippet folders decide :) I've worked with pink quite a bit lately so went with the colours I had most of and that was greens, yellows and oranges.

And here it is

I recognise a couple of My Mind's Eye and K & Co papers but all are unmarked as they came from my 'scrap box' :) 
I've added templates for her to cut out the photos and added a few tags here and there....and Bob's your Auntie :)

I shall add the book to Di's Snippet Challenge (tomorrow morning cos I'm pooped!)

See you tomorrow for What's On Your Work desk

Bye for now :)

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Sam said...

Love the book Jackie. You have put alot of work in that I can tell. Don't you just love makin books - I do too!