Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kanban Thursday

I know I've said it before but the quality of goods from Kanban is fantastic and a joy to work with. Everything I've come across so far, from the card/toppers to the self adhesive gems to the foam pads are just such good quality, they are definitely worth investing in :) (and I have to add, I haven't been asked/told to say any of the above, it just knocks my socks off every time I receive a parcel!!!)

So onto this week's cards. I received a parcel earlier this week with the new Rule Britannia sheets in it and they are great with an element of fun!

tall scalloped DL card blank
900174 On Duty topper, sentiment & bunting
900194 Westminster red background
silver mirror card
Navy & silver ribbon

150 x 150 square fold back circle card (which I cut roughly in the shape of half of a heart)
900168 Britannia Heart toppers
900197 Heart of England background card
Silver mirror card
PRL 5mm in red, white and blue
Navy & silver ribbon

Thanks for looking.

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Beryl said...

Even if you didn't 'big them up' you'd still be a good advert for Kanban products as you make great cards like the ones aboe very time.Guess that's why they've got you on the
Beryl xx