Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kanban Thursday

I know a lot of people schedule cards when they're busy but I'm scheduling backwards today!! The foll,owing cards were good to go last weekend and I completely forgot to upload them! I've got two wedding orders to finish before I go away so that's why my posts are scarce a bit this week. I'm making my cards tomorrow for the next two weeks so I will make sure I schedule them all tomorrow (ha, watch this space :))

Anyway, here goes


Cream DL card blank
900193 London Kraft Background
900176 London Icons – Transport Toppers
Red Ink pad
foam pads
A4 cream card
CRD1699 Burlesque Lace background card
PCt1919 Regal Ladies – Cream topper
PCT1926 Baroque Cameos – Sentiments
Gold mirri card
PRL 3mm
GEM 3mm
Gold ribbon
C5 card blank
PCT2190 Simply Fabulous – Classy Crimson Toppers
PCT2092 Mirror Polka Dot roses
Gold mirri card
GEM 3mm

All the items used in my projects are available from the Kanban web site as well as a host of stockists around the country and world wide. If you want some inspiration in using Kanban products then you can catch up with the Kanban team on Create and Craft or take a look at the company blog and we have a Facebook page too :)

See you next week (I promise :))

1 comment:

Beryl said...

You are a great advert for Kanban making. The cards you make always show it off so well - as with these two. If you don't get to post again before you go away - have a fab time.
Beryl xx