Friday, June 22, 2012

Funky Friday

Can't live with it, can't live without it....I'm talking about the blooming internet. I have loads to do at the moment and what happens? Our blooming internet died on me yesterday lunch time. Hubby tried ringing them when he got in to find out if there was a problem and finally after 4 hours he got a person on the end of the phone. He went through all the technical stuff, you know, "switch the router off and back on again, has that worked mate?" then after 15 minutes he concludes that there isn't a fault at their end and he needs to get an engineer out to us but the earliest he can come is Saturday at 12 noon!!!! Late yesterday evening I texted my daughter to ask her to put a note on my Facebook page only to find out that their internet is off as is half of their street.....but there isn't a fault registered. Anyway, we got up this morning and miraculously, it had come back on. It has dropped out a few times today but not for long.

So onto my Funky Friday card :) Did you see the zingy free paper Anice made for this month's challenge? Well although I didn't use it on my Get Funky! cards (I thought it was a bit too funky for my dad lol) I decided to use it on my card for today.

The following card was made with off cuts from my Funky Hand scrap folder and the 'piece de resistance' is my box! I wanted to make one of these ages ago when I received one in a Secret Santa a few years ago when it was filled with Begian chocolates, not your pretend ones, these were from Bruges :)
The papers on the above card were left over from my Spring Has Sprung dt cards and the butterflies were cut using a punch, I think it was a Papermania one. 

that's my lot for tonight. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open so am off upstairs to put my jimjams on and snuggle on the settee with a cup of hot chocolate! See you tomorrow.

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Beryl said...

Wouldn't mind a box like that filled with choccies myself. Three fab projects - great papers - especially the zingy one.
Beryl xx