Friday, May 24, 2013

Nappy Cake

First of all, please accept my apologies for my absence over the last 3 weeks but the reason is that I have done loads of work that I haven't been able to show at the time which makes it a bit awkward as I'm not one for waffling about nothing, although you wouldn't say that after meeting me in person a couple of times :). Usually I have work backed up ready for something like this but this time I haven't as I've been really busy. The odd time I have found half an hour to blog, the internet has gone down! I thought I would write my post then when the net comes back on then I can post it. I might even be like buses and do two or three posts lol

So onto my nappy cake. I have wanted to have a go at these for a couple of years now but didn't know anyone who was having a baby and then my best friend came down with the news that she was going to be a nana so I had the perfect opportunity.

It turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought it would and it cost me a lot more than I thought it would as I just kept seeing things and sticking them in my trolley while out shopping and I love the smell of a Johnson's baby! lol I photographed it in the making so you could see what was inside.

Baby Cora was born on 15th May and was a very good 8lb 6oz, well done Amy and Lee. 

Thanks for dropping by :)

Ps The Crafting Muskateer's first challenge is drawing to a close (29th May) so if you haven't entered yet you had better get a wiggle on :)

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Di said...

WOW Jackie - this is amazing. I've never seen one in the process of construction so it was a real eye opener. Well done you!

Ha, ha - I use Johnson's baby talc when crafting certain things - love the smell too :))

Hugs, Di xx