Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Star Card, Star Album

I'm not exactly sure what these little books/albums are called as everyone seems to call them differently, I call them an album as I put photos in mine :)

It's my to host the Get Funky & Craft blog post for this week and as I had a commissioned album to make I decided I would use that as my project.

Cover 2 pieces of thick card with patterned paper and decorate the front. Make sure the paper is cut large enough to overlap on the inside by about an inch but don't decorate it as the first card will be stuck to it to form the first two pages.
Place tape onto the outer edges of all of 5" and 51/2" cards and to all four edges of the 6" cards..
 The cards which will form the album pages  
Some of the 6" cards will need tape on all four edges these form the 'star' and will be stuck onto the front and back covers
Decorate as you wish, I used off cuts of Funky Hand papers from a vast selection of papers, off cuts of lace and ribbon and bits which always seem to 'lurk' on my desk :)
 and start adding a collection of your favourite photos,
 and verses.
 These little albums make wonderful gifts
 and keepsakes
  and are appreciated by all who receive them.
 Happy crafting and thanks for dropping by :)

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Debbie said...

Absolutely incredible.So elegant and clever.Fantastic tutorial will be having a go.Hugs Debbie x