Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Three times a week

Gosh, this is the third time this week that I have written something here.

It is a lovely sunny day today but it's blooming cold. I'm just hoping that we don't get all the snow that's been forecast.

My gorgeous kitty cat has been an absolute pain in the backside today. She has been on the windowsill in the conservatory and knocked off one of my Nao figures. It just happened to be the one my sister bought me for my 40th birthday. The little ratbag has also discovered that she can jump onto the work tops in the kitchen. I hate to see cats on worktops so seem to have spent a lot of time chasing her off. Every time I pick her up she bites me so she has been banished to bed for half an hour!

Another card for a template challenge. The flowers are a mix of the new Papermania flowers and Sarah's Blooms. The hearts are actually gold but they don't scan too well.

Well that's it for now. I have a stationery sample to do so I am going to make a blue dragonfly and then I am hoping to do a DLO in a circle journal I'm taking part in. No idea what to do though as I have so many perfect moments, which is the subject. At least I can get the pages covered and sort out some embellishments.

Oh and before I forget...........I bought a Craft Robo yesterday, yay. I have bought it from a friend and it will be hand delivered on Saturday. A big thank you to Andrea and John. I hope UK Scrappers know what they are in for as I am just about to go and join the forum. LOL Next week hopefully, I will have time to play and get to know the new baby.

Till next time...........

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