Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's new...............

..............not a lot really. The kids are off school this week for half term and I have been helping DD sort her bedroom out. We finished decorating it at the weekend and it is now all lovely and pink. I didn't realise she had so much junk! She has decided that she doesn't want any chest of drawers and wants to go for the minimalist look. She has a built in cupboard in her room and want to store all her clothes, underwear etc in baskets in said cupboard.............not a happy bunny when I said she had to keep the drawers. The clothes end up all over the floor anyway so I didn't see the sense in forking out for more storage that won't get used ;)) Aren't I a rotten mum!

I've done two challenges on Carolyn's forum this week. The fist was to make a vintage card using rubber stamps. I have never done this before but was quite pleased with the result. I even made my own background. I coloured a piece of cream card with walnut ink dabbed and smeared with cotton wool and stamped a few 'travel' words randomly. The torn paper is a magazine cutting from the late 180's. It was in a lovely ephemera pack I bought last year and it's the first time I dared use anything from it. The bicycle and globe are unmounted stamps from a set of Clear Choice stamps bought from Trago Mills in Falmouth the year before last. They were £8.99 but BOGOF so I got a butterfly set too. I had forgotten I had them. I actually think my mum paid for them so they were totally free. :)

My next challenge wasn't really a challenge but a double dare by the lovely Sue W on the CBC . I said that because the challenge entries were so stunning I wouldn't dare enter as I'm not a scrapbooker. I have been scrapbooking our wedding photos for two and a half years now and have done three pages! Anyway, she double dared me to enter so I did and this is the end product. The instructions were to use one word different from the others-Me. Three different hearts and a bit of doodling which is the & sign and in the heart.

I thought I would add a bit of a quirk to it (see I'm getting clever now) DH is a part time DJ and always says that one of his heroes is Disco Stu from the Simpsons so I thought I would turn it round and have him as Disco Stu's hero instead of just being mine all the time. The title is my second effort on the Craft Robo. I can't show my fist as it was for one of the CJs I'm taking part in. In the photo hubby was actually messing with his amp or speakers or something and has a screwdriver in his hand. I was going to entitle the LO 'Can He Fix It.........Yes He Can!' but realised after I had printed the photo that I had cropped his screwdriver out of it. Oh well, I can save that for another time.

Enough for now, I really must get some work done. I have two birthday cards to make for my son in law's birthday on Saturday and I can finally start the invitations for my parents renewal of vows/golden wedding bash.

Back soon :)


Sue said...

and SUE W is most impressed that you took up the challenge *wink*

Seriously Jake a fab page - can't wait for the next challenge

Rachel said...

hiya hun

now Ive just typed loads and then it dissappeared so here goes again

fab cards as always, love the vintage one

LOL at bedroom saga hehe

ttfn xxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

sweetie do you know what todays date is!!!:)