Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New challenge blog

I was pointed in the direction of Christmas Cards All Year Round one day last week by Adrienne and I finally got round to having a look and have taken part in some of the challenges today and will hopefully do the others tomorrow. "The purpose of this blog is to get you creating CHRISTMAS cards , as it says, ALL YEAR 'ROUND!There will be ONE monthly challenge posted and you will be required to create 5 cards based on that challenge. The cards can be all the same, or you can make 5 different ones, but they all must follow the challenge. For everyone who finishes the 5 cards each month, their names will be put in a draw for a small prize (of probably some sheets of Stampin' Up cardstock, something easy and not too expensive to mail)

The first challenge was a sketch


Deanne Burton said...

Cute! Love it!!

Phree said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new challenge blog. I have been doing a different Christmas challenge all year, this year and it really has helped get me ready for Christmas, I have made a good stock of cards ready. I found the blog challenge helped to motivate me to make the cards all year round.