Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wedding Journal

This is a first for me as I've never made an 8x8 book before using the Bind It All. Come to think of it, I haven't made much at all with it (I'm ashamed to say) and I've had it about 12 months now *blush* Anyhow, after going to a couple of wedding fayres last Sunday with my daughter and future son in law, I decided to make them a journal so they could keep everything together. Their chosen colour scheme is burgundy, gold and ivory and she doesn't like fussy, frilly things at all which is why I've kept the book uncluttered!

As well as the guest lists and budget planner I have added a section each for wedding dress details etc and each page has a pocket to keep pictures of the stuff they like.
I need to make my parents a wedding anniversary card for Sunday, they will have been married 51 years! They fly back from Malta this evening so they will probably be over tomorrow :) Then it's back to the Christmas cards ;)
Would live to hear from you, take care.


Sue said...

that is beautiful Jackie

Phree said...

What a lovely idea, for now it's a practical gift, but in years to come it will be something they can look back at and share memories of the fun they had planning their big day!

Anesha said...

Well done on using your bind-it-all. Your book is lovely and will be loved.