Sunday, October 05, 2008

Acetate card

I meant to show this one yesterday and got ever so slightly side tracked! I moved some of my plants down to the greenhouse as the weather turned horribly cold and did the ir**ing. DHwas working yesterday evening so I watched Strictly Come Dancing (just how good are Austin Healey and Tom Chambers and Gary Rhodes really needs to go out tonight!:)), the X Factor (I wish they would all stop crying and saying they want it so bad. Surely if they didn't want it bad they wouldn't have applied!) and Casualty.......I am just so sad LOL I spent the rest of the evening (and from 7.30 this morning) colouring images ready to start my Christmas cards on Monday.

I love making acetate cards and this one was a commission for a lady whose wedding party thank you cards I made last year...................I can't believe their first wedding anniversary is coming up.

The only problem is that they are a b***er to photograph :) If anyone can give me any tips I will be very greatful.

I'm going to do a bit more colouring before I get DH up as we are taking DD1 and son in law to be to a wedding fayre. I've exhibited at dozens with my business but have never been to one as a mother of the bride (and I get to check out the opposition at the same time ;))

Enjoy whats left of the weekend and tfl.

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Phree said...

Gorgeous card, and I think you managed to do a great job with the photos of it.