Sunday, November 27, 2011

How did you spend......

...your Saturday? This is how I spent mine!!
I filled and finished, including cutting the reindeer and snowmen
44 bags of reindeer food
14 bags of snow girl poop
40 bags of snowman poop!
By the time I had finished I was almost losing the will to live lol They are going into a local beauty salon, a town centre salon and a local school Christmas fayre. This is the second batch I've made as I sold some through the shop, some more at the handbag auction and I've sent some down to my lovely mum in law in Somerset.....and yes, they sell really well.

My house is still not sorted and it's driving me mad! I keep doing an hour then having to come and sort out orders so I just seem to be bitting an bobbing. The upside is that I'm having a real good sort out whilst emptying boxes and drawers. I sent a box full to school with a friend and I have a lot of stuff which will be going on a sale page on here over the next couple of days. I actually have storage space now where there once was craft stuff and it won't be replaced with new, just with existing stock as I get organised :)

I'm off to see my poorly mummy for a while now.
Thanks for reading.

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