Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quick post

Just a quick one tonight to show a card made this morning. I'm certainly getting use out of this die at the moment. This is the third time in as many weeks that I've made new home cards for my personal use!

I do think it's sweet though. I have two 'house' stamps which I usually use it rotation with the die but my mum has one of them and I had actually forgotten about the other one until now! Never mind.

I have also made two wedding invitation samples, two maze books and a special boxed card today. I will show the invitation if I get the order. The maze books aren't finished yet. They are for is four at the end of this month and the other is two next month. My friend saw the one I made for Annette last month and liked it enough to think that I could maybe make her one for Harriet and in my opinion if one sister gets something different to the other sister, there is all hell to pay, so I thought I would do them one each! Might change my mind yet ;) The third card from the order, the boxed card, is finished but hasn't been photographed yet. will get them sorted tomorrow.

I've just realised, I haven't used Sue's template today, oops!

Well I'm off to bed now as I've had a headache since last night and it won't go away.

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Hazel said...

Lovely card, Jackie - love the die. Look forward to seeing the maze book - you've been busy! Hope you get some sleep and the headache eases.