Monday, July 16, 2007

Yesterday's offerings

I didn't manage to get much done yesterday as mum and dad came for lunch and didn't leave till 5. I did manage a page though for another challenge on Just Bex This challenge was set by Est over a week ago and I have just managed it. Here's what she said: Your challenge is to buy a piece of jewellery/badge/keyring etc and incorporate this into a scrapbook layout.
This is my piece of jewellery. DD decides to take it off the card for me and promptly pulled the catch off so it was just as well that I was taking it to pieces!
This is what I did with it. DD and her friend were messing about during a sleep over and took the photos on her phone then played with them in Photoshop. Such a clever child. LOL I kept to the black and white theme to tie in with the photos. At 11.30 last hubby remembered that he needed a leaving card for work. He printed off the pics and I made the card and this is how it turned out.
My fab postie has been with nice parcels again this morning and just look what I got *:)) big beaming smile icon needed*These papers are just stunning. A couple of the pads are replacements but two of them are new. Unfortunately the 12 x 12 is for my mums birthday on Saturday. I have ordered it for me though :))
When I first bought the pads I paid £3.75 each for them, then I found them on the SSUP web site and if you spend over £10 p & p is free. The service is excellent too. I really must start a fave shops list as I cannot recommend highly enough.

It has taken me 3 hours to write this entry. My daughter and son in law appeared having just been to the doctors. Lee was cutting the grass on Saturday and was bitten by something. He got up this morning and his hands and wrists are so swollen that he can't make a fist. He has been given antihistamines and steroids and has to go back tomorrow. As they were leaving one of my very dear friends arrived. Kath has been caught up in the Toll Bar flood and is still living in the local leisure centre. I wanted her and her daughter and grand-daughter to come and stay here for a while but if they move out of the centre voluntarily, they won't get caravan accomodation.

Right on with the challenges and I will be back later.

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