Friday, October 05, 2007

50 years of wedded bliss.....

......give or take the odd barney!! LOL

My sister, brother and I, along with our kids and a couple of other relations have clubbed together and booked a cottage in the Lake District for mum and dad a week away so we don't have a present to give them. They were adamant that they didn't want any presents at all as they have amassed so much stuff over the years that they have stuff they don't use! As my brother will be making a speech, I decided to make them a booklet containing all the details of the cottage inc T & C, and he can present it to them after dinner tomorrow evening. This is what I came up with
The card has taken me ages as I have had to rake through a humungous box of photos to find the ones I wanted but it paid off as I am really pleased with the outcome. It is a trifold gatefold card.

I just have to sort boxes for them now and I have cracked it!
I must just show you the table markers, I think they are fab. I got them from Chocolate Chatter As I have planned the whole thing for them I more or less had a free rein and they just kept handing over the cash :)
I've been and had my nails done this morning and am having my hair done tomorrow morning. We then have to travel down to the venue which will take about an hour. Once there I have to dress the car as hubby is driving mum and dad to and from the church, then I have to set the cakes (we are having cup cakes with a top cutting cake) on the stand and also dress all the tables with the favours etc. Then I can get myself ready and I have 2 hours to do all this (then stay awake for the rest of the day!) I have worked till about 1.30 every night this week and I am kn*****ed
Ok that's it for now, I will be back on Sunday armed with photos :)


Saffa said...

WOW it looks as if its going to be a wonderful celebration all the preparations look amazing!!!

Well done you get time to craft I dont know! Congratulations to your parents

Andrea said...

Wow this is fantastic, the card you have made is wonderful. I hope you all have a wonderful day and many congratulations to your parents

Frog said...

Fantastic cards Jackie, i love them.

Andrea xx

LisaBabe said...

Amazing card and stuff Jackie. Hope your folks have many more happy years together.