Sunday, October 28, 2007


Ooh, look what I got from KathyB. I've never had an award before and envied like crazy everyone who has, even more so the lucky popular people who get loads LOL

Thank you Kathy, I'm touched (and grateful for the award too ;))

Not got any work to show today. I have the swing card to finish off and have been plodding through a wedding order today whilst trying to transfer all the files from my old lap top to my new one. Not easy when you have a poorly kitty on your knee and an impatient 14 year old leaning over your shoulder! She is having the old one to replace her old one which is going to my mum and dad (are you still with me??) Anyway, she seems to think that everything should have been off it within 10 minutes of it coming out of the box!! Might make her wait ;) -what a rotten mother I am LOL

DS liked his Simpsons card. Well he said it was "well cool" so I think that's what he meant :))

I will be back tomorrow with something to show, I promise.


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