Thursday, October 11, 2007

Time flies!!!

I just can't believe that this week has passed so quickly! I must be getting really old as they say that time passes quicker as you get older. LOL

Down to the promised piccies of mum and dad's 'do'. They had a fabulous time and everything went swimmingly well. Dad got quite emotional when he saw us all coming down the aisle and again at the end of the service when the piper walked in playing (he thought the music "Flower of Scotland" was on cd!!) It was definitely worth all the long hours and sleepless nights to see the sheer enjoyment on their faces.
Sis, Mum, Brother and me! Michael Gordon (the piper), Mum and Dad Me, Michael, Mum, Dad, Sis and Brother

So now onto work! I have been working on another wedding order this week as well as finishing two and sending them out. I also had five cards ordered yesterday and I managed to ................(I hope you're sitting down at this point LOL) complete a challenge over on the Just Bex forum! The challenge was another one of Sue's templates (I just love these, they make my life so much easier)

Here are my efforts (I actually made more than one of these), the first being a Christmas card

Papers are by K & Ko and Blonde Moments and the stamp is by Rubber Stampede and is one of the first stamps I ever bought. The image is simply coloured with water colour pencils.

The next one is a thank you card to the vicar who performed last Saturday's service, from Mum and Dad. Papers are again by K & Co. Tag is from Crafts by Carolyn and the star brad was from my tub.

And the inside

I'm quite pleased with this, it's my first ever pop up card.
Yesterday I was asked for two congrats cards for the same girl who had passed her driving test and here are what I came up with
The next cards were another order which came in yesterday and one of them fits (sort of) Sue's template again.
Papers again by K & Co, can you tell I still love these pads?! Flowers are a mix of Papermania and Prima and the lovely pearl brad is by Papermania. I do like these brads at the mo. The second anniversary card is for the same person.

And that is it for now. Hopefully this week I might just manage a couple more challenges but don't hold your breath! Tomorrow I hope to finish the current order. All the seperate elements are done, I'm just in the process of putting them all together.
I'm also going to add a couple of new blog links to my side panel. These are blogs of ver talented people whose blogs I try to visit regularly.
I almost forgot, I was tagged the other day by Louly. I think this is the same one I did ages ago. Please be patient with me, I can't be bothered to go back and look what I put last time ;) If you haven't done it and would like to be tagged, then please feel free.

Here are the rules :1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.So, here are my seven facts

1. I love (most) music with the exception of Jazz and most C & W.

2. I always wanted to visit the Falkland Islands!

3. I would like to go up in a helicopter.

4. I always wanted to go down in a submarine (not sure why!)

5. I lived in Germany for 7 years.

6. I was a Teaching Assistant for 7 years.

7. I bit my nails until I was 26.


Hazel said...

Super photos of the weekend - very special time for your mum and dad and the rest of the family. My word, you've been busy, including the fab cards for Sue's template (I've just managed to do one).

Louly said...

What a beautiful wedding! you all look stunning, especially your mum, I bet it was a truly magical day. I love all you challenge cards, you sure have been busy.BTW of course I don't mind you adding my blog to your favourites, I'm really touched.

My Paper World said...

Great photos and cards too! you have been busy!

Frog said...

Wow Jackie you look absolutely fab, and so do the rest of your family, sounds like you all had a great day.Thanks for sharing you pictures with us. The cards are great too.


My Paper World said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I look forward to visiting you again soon!

Sue said...

awhhh you do scrub up well

you all looked fab so happy


off to make another template or 7!!