Monday, April 21, 2008

Pop up card

I decided to clear my desk in order to make the bookmarks and start the wedding album but got ever so slightly sidetracked!! Whilst I was putting some stuff in a drawer, I found my pop up template and thought I would do the challenge that Jo has on her blog :) I already had the 'Hamish' image coloured and the car cut so it was really just a case of putting it together. I hope she likes it!I don't know where the papers came from, I found those in the drawer too. LOL I think I have enough pieces of left over paper to last me until about 2014! The brads and birthday tag were from Crafts by Carolyn ages ago.
That's it for today, I really must do the bookmark order but as I still have a couple of cards ordered, I will be back tomorrow hopefully with the DCM Little Extra.

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Jo said...

errrrm yep... I luv it!