Thursday, April 03, 2008

Award Ceremony

I've been given this award, Arte Y Pico by Jennifer (who actually googled it but didn't find out what it meant). If you haven't visited her blog then make sure you do, she certainly brightens my day! Thanks Jennifer. XI now have to nominate five more to accept the award. I always find this difficult as I love all the blogs I visit and love finding new ones through other people's blogging buddies list. Right, here goes in no particular order (as in Dancing on Ice format). Jo King - (I haven't forgotten your tag, I'm still thinking!) I know you've had it several times, it shows how popular you are :) Sue H - because you're lovely! Sheila (aka Manic Stamper)- because you never fail to make me smile with your wonderful comments! Kathy - thank you for letting me be your blogging buddy LOL Andrea - cos you're my friend :)

And now to work. I was so pleased with myself last night, i made seven cards. I took 21 cards round to the shop on Tuesday to give the lady the choice to replace sold stock (14 cards) and she snaffled them all so I had to start again to fill up the box DH has at work :)

The papers are assorted pieces from my desk, the Lola and Hettie images were in amongst a load of paper and must have been there for ages because I deleted my Hettie folder not long after I bought it and had only printed off a couple of sheets! I did buy it again though. :)

I'm still using the left overs from my desk so you can imagine what it looked like. So far I've made 22 cards without getting anything (apart from the odd brad) out of any drawers or cupboards. I've still got enough on there for a load more cards! LOL

Housework *spit* beckons now but I will be back later with more offerings and Jo's tag.


Jo said...

Thanks Jackie for the award....that's really sweet of you :) Loads and loads of cards and they're all fantastic!! No wonder you make so many at the rate you are selling them...well done :)

Kathy said...

Thanks for that award Jackie - what a lovely thing to do!

Now I've put your lonk on my buddy list I won't have to go looking for your messages to come and check your blog next time hehe - nopt entirely sure why I didn't do it before.

We Grecophiles have to stick together you know!

Oh, and btw - stop being so productive will you - you make me feel guilty

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Thanks so much Jackie for my award, great cards by the way, i will chat with you later has im a bit under the weather.

Andrea xx

Andrea, said...

Fabulous selection of cards love that hippo

Deb said...

Gorgeous cards Jackie, no wonder she snaffled them all!

Jennifer Buck said...

Wowza girlie! You've been busy! Everything is just fantabulous! Love it all! You so deserve this award! You are such a sweetie to share all of your beautiful creations! Love you! Take care! :)

Cardmaking Galore said...

Lovely Cards! They seem simple to make.