Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Wow, aren't we blessed with the weather here in the UK at the moment, it should stay like this until about the middle of December. I worked from seven am yesterday until lunch time then decided that I would go outside and potter tidying the greenhouse etc..............Well, eight hours later, the garden had been weeded to within an inch of it's life and all the bedding plant finally got planted. DH brought me some more home today, not sure if my poor old body can stand a repeat of yesterday just yet! I spent this afternoon sat on the patio making some bridal jewellery for a commission. He he, I have an open air studio.

Here we go with Friday's work

Today or was it yesterday (Monday) is or was, lol, a very special friend's birthday and as I couldn't think what to buy her, I settled on a Teaching Assistant's Survival Kit containing all the usuals eg vodka, chocolate, ear plugs etc and some lovely smellies. To say she was pleased with it is an understatement. Happy Birthday Annette :)
I have a few more bits and bobs to show but I am going to hit the sack and will be back to show them tomorrow at some point. I haven't done any challenges but have made some cards.
Till tomorrow. xx

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