Monday, July 27, 2009

Commissioned work

The two boxes below were commissioned by the same customer for TAs at her son's school. There were three layers to each box but as the other two layers were personalised with photos and verses I'm unable to show them.
I was given the colours favoured by the two recipients and as long as I included the photos and verses supplied, I was given a free reign. The customer was very pleased with them. She had also ordered the three 'flower' cards shon last week and she also bought two others before she left :)

The star card/book was my first attempt at this style of card. I'd wanted to do one for a while but kept chickening out of making it LOL. The lady who commissioned it is a very good friend and customer and it was for her husband's 60th. Her brief was......'you know what he likes so it's up to you what you do' I love those sort of commissions :)

This box was the one seen by the lady who ordered the first two on this post at a group both ladies attend. I can go for months and not make any exploding boxes then all of a sudden (like recently) I can make four in four weeks!


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Beryl said...

I have to confess I've never made an exploding box but one of the first things I did make was a star book but on a much smaller scale than yours. The boxes are lovely, beautiful gifts which I'm sure were very well received.
Beryl xx