Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 107

It's that time of the week's time to get nosey :) I completely forgot about WOYWW last week until Saturday then promptly forgot again. I have photos for this week and it doesn't actually look as though I've been doing anything lol

 What do you think? In my defence I've been making wedding stationery samples and have had a couple of appointments with new clients but tomorrow my desk will probably look like a tip again. Just in case you wanted a bit more than a tidy desk (with the all important cup of coffee) I thought I would photograph one of the top drawers in my desk!!!
It started out asan overflow for my bead shelf but as well as beads and wire it now houses any jewellery which needs cleaning odd left over beads and heaven knows what else....I do keep meaning to sort it but it's one of those jobs where I open the drawer then think I'll do it later and shut it again. I will get done at some point :)

Thanks for looking and now I'm off to start my nosiness. See you soon. x

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