Friday, October 07, 2011

Oh dear!

If you have your dinner on your lap make sure you put your lap top on the floor not on the arm of the settee or you might just be as unfortunate or stupid or.......(fill in your own word) as I was and this could happen

 I wouldn't mind but I had only had the damn thing about two years! I can't use the key pad on a lap top, I always use a mouse and as the machine fell off the arm of the settee it landed on the lid and trapped the mouse between that and the keyboard...not good.

I had work to do so couldn't be without it,  however for some reason when my son replaced his small flat screened monitor we kept it "just in case" so I could still use my machine. I have now replaced it and it is taking forever to replace all the passwords etc which were saved on the old machine and not written down. I bet I don't do it again!!

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