Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly round up

Monday was spent making an assortment of wedding stationery samples

Tuesday was gift card day as well as making my sample for this month's Get Funky challenge using Anice's fab freebie (which will be shown next week)

(sorry about the awful photos)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent making my samples for the new Funky Hand cd which will be coming soon along with a chance to get your grubby little mitts on this space! Obviously I can't show them yet but they will be up here soon.

On Friday evening, all of Saturday and into the evening I made lots of new samples to take to an open day at the local Holiday Inn. If you came to say hello then it was lovely to meet you :) I forgot to photograph them but will do so tomorrow.

So to round it all up....judging by the pictures I didn't do much at all over the last seven days :)
Back tomorrow hopefully. Have a lovely week!

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