Friday, April 27, 2012

There once was an ugly duckling

The brief for this order was to make a suggestion box for one of my best customers who has just opened a daycare nursery, Little Ducklings

I had real fun with this project, thanks Kerry :)

It started life as a keepsake box, 
and what a job I had trying to cut a hole in the lid! I emulsioned the bottom of the box with Lemon Drop, a Dulux tester pot and used 12 x 12 yellow card, gingham ribbon, blue ric rac and assorted yellow ducks with googlie eyes.

I'm just waiting for the logo so I can add the text to the box and it's all done.

Thanks for looking.

1 comment:

Beryl said...

What a lovely way to decorate a suggestion box. I bet it gets used used more than a boring old plain one.
Hope they use it for something good afterwards too.
Beryl xx