Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This is serious!

You have been warned.......this post is so serious that it has it's own sub-heading!!

I joined the new bloggy/Facebook challenge - a Card a Day blogging (with a difference - the difference being that it's not really a challenge more of a foot up the back side of like minded shirking bloggers :) It's really to encourage us to restart our daily creating and blogging and more importantly visiting the lovely people who leave us comments.)

I've got the creating off to a tee as you will see shortly, my problem is that I have trouble finding the time to blog what I've made therefore I don't leave my link. I need to get back into it properly and take 10 minutes after I have made my project to add it to the blog and to comment on those above me.....that's the theory anyway.

So now onto my workdesk (the really serious bit. If you are of a nervous disposition please look away now.

Yes folks, it's that time again, I'm making Christmas cards and how I find anything in this mess is beyond me but I actually know where everything is lol I really need to tidy up quickly though as I'm at the opticians this afternoon and have a lady coming to see me this evening about coming to make her Christmas cards, if I leave it like this she might just run a mile :)

Right, you've had a nosey at my room so now you need to call over to the blog of Mrs Dunnit and add your own.

Thanks for looking, back soon. xx


Jo said...

lol.... that made me giggle Jackie - I haven't even ventured into my room today after last night!

It all looks very, errm, organised there honey. xx

Loopylou. said...

he he he he!! now theres a desk I could feel at home with!! it looks somewhat like mine...only mine is worser!!! romfl!!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Lou said...

Jackie I love your desk and its like us all, I desperately need to tidy my desk and my dining room table but I know where everything is, its my organised mess..LOL

I understand about having the time to create and blog it is hard especially when the light is so rubbish at this time of year to take good photos.


Lou #87 x

Kathy said...

You've got the same shelves as me. Yours, are tidy and somehow not as packed as mine. How can that be....oh yes, because I am a messy monkey!

I've just added my crafty dodah for a Card a Day - great plug ;)

Fran said...

My desk looks a bit like that too Jackie xx

jellinacreations said...

hahaha can you find anything you need for making the christmas cards? Yes? Then there is no problem at all :-) The most creative people are a little chaotic...

Karen McAlpine said...

Hi! Doesn't look too messy. Actually, looks like you have a great storage system going. Happy crafting!
Karen 115

butterfly said...

Good luck with your potential commission... don't make it too tidy - she might think you never do anything!! Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Andrea said... made me laugh good luck with the commissioned cards im sure she will think you very talented as most artists live in some degree of chaos... I love your post and your smiley pink bucket ! have a fabulous week I hope to come back soon x #60

Julia Dunnit said...

God don't tidy'll set a standard that the lady in question may take as normal!! Well, if you kjoined the on earth are those of us shirkers/avoiderers who didn't join going to get stuff done?????

Darnell J Knauss said...

Great idea, Jackie, with the kick in the backside approach! Good luck with it and thanks for the snoopydoodle!!

I'm still hopping along this week (I'll miss next week prepping for our Thanksgiving,) so have a great two weeks ahead! Be well! Darnell #41