Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rain rain go away

Just how much water can one sky hold? It seems to have rained for ages now. The only upside is the grass is looking lovely and the hostas are flourishing. My poor peony is looking decidely droopy though!

Have you noticed how posh the blog is looking now with all the links etc. The lovely Rachel (Turtle) has taken great pity on my ineptitude and added all the twiddly bits for me. Hasn't she done a fab job?
I thought I would show you a couple of bits from a recent wedding order I did. Whatever happened to hearts and flowers!

Apparently the bridesmaids are 'Goths' and the B2B could find anything suitable. The joy of hand crafted cards etc strikes again. The images on both gift bags are decoupaged Rock Hard Fairies obtained from SSUP

I do have another order, which I did today, to show but it might have to wait till tomorrow cos hubby has to upload the photos from the camera for me as I don't have the software on my lap top. He is ironing and watching an old rugby match at the moment so I don't like to disturb him :)


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