Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day of rest?

Not blooming likely!! I've got three loads of washing out, I've got all the components of a wedding stationery order made ready to put together this evening (ribbon cut, inserts, covers and reply cards printed and embellishments done), fed the cats, fed the fish, fed me and had a quick blog hop (will have another one later) and now am going out to finish weeding my garden to within an inch of it's life. I have some bulbs to plant and some shrubs to cut back too.

We now have another two loads of washing to do as the tank in the airing cupboard is leaking and all the towels are sopping wet through. We have someone coming out before 5.30 to have a look at it. DH got in from work at stupid o'clock this morning and the washing machine had stopped, luckily it was only the fuse in the plug that had gone so he changed it and that was ok. We had a little man come out on Friday to fix the dishwasher so that is usable once more. Does bad luck come in threes or is it just buses? LOL I hope this is the end of it for a while.

SOS Appeal

I forgot to add the photo of the last batch of cards I sent up to Emma so here it is, it's not a very good photo as it was taken at about 2.30 am when I had finished packing them. Also please excuse the tip behind the cards, I just shoved it all to one side so that I could take the photo before I went to bed!

I must go outside now and take advantage of this fabulous weather we have at the moment. Who knows when we will see it again! LOL

Take care and thanks for looking.


Emma said...

Hello you! What can I say? You are an absolute diamond and your contribution has made a huge difference to the appeal! Thanks hun. Hugs Emma.x

Hazel said...

A great selection of cards, Jackie. I've got this cause on my list - must get some sent in time.

Carol said...

Wow - sure the troops will be well chuffed - brilliant!!

What a weekend I may well have wanted to leave home with all those breakages lol....

Glad you managed to make the most of the glorious weather

Jo said...

hi hunny... just a visiting to tell you that I've tagged you!


love Jo