Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Woo Hoo!!

I have finished my brother's album. It's the first scrapbook I've ever done and I'm chuffed to little mint balls with myself :) I've done odd pages before but never a full book! I'm now going to bore you with the rest of the pics ;)

Now I just have his birthday cards to make and he is done LOL I think my mojo may be in the process of deserting me as I'm having a problem thinking what to do for him! I've a couple of urgent commissions too...........I could be gone a while ;)



Jo said...

Well done you!! It looks fab..

I bet he loves it. Now all you need to do is your own wedding album.. lol..

speak soon xx

Enfys said...

Great pages Jackie, can't believe this is the first time you've scrapped.